​​Located at: ​7464 Frankenmuth Rd., ​Vassar, MI  48768

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2020 Season Sponsors.

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Come Join Our Story!

Come to the Enchanted Forest, a magical place where German history and fairytales come to life.  See the beautiful Queen Anna of Bohemia visit her high strung cousin, Duke Whilhelm of Cleves and his three very troublesome sisters.  Meet the Brothers and Sister Grimm, the Wicked Witch and her twin sister, the Fairy Godmother, townspeople, and fairytale characters!

The lanes of the Enchanted Forest are home to a number of historical and fantasy characters, a variety of entertaining stage shows, many different shops, a food court full of delicious food,a real working tavern. Our littlest guests can visit The Children's Knoll, a corner of the woods made just for them, full of games, activities, and crafts for the whole family.


Greetings, Enchanted Folk

It is with a heavy heart we bring this news. The Enchanted Forest board met virtually and made the decision to cancel the 2020 season. We had held out hope we might be able to go on this year. However, the extension of Michigan’s shelter in place order effects our ability to gather to prepare the grounds for you, our patrons. In addition, the overall uncertainty of what may come next and seriousness of the current health crisis impacting our communities have added considerable weight to our decision making. We do not see a path to responsibly move forward with our event. We did not come to this decision lightly and know many will share in our disappointment.

We will take this year of quiet to continue to cultivate the magic of the #EnchantedForest, together with our Friends and the fae creatures at play in the wood, as we make improvements to the lanes in anticipation of when we can gather once again. We look forward to welcoming each of you to the lanes in July of 2021 when we will again invite you to #ComeJoinOurStory