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Come join MMRF's Enchanted Forest as a merchant vendor.  Please click on the Merchant Application button below and download the application.

Location:  15 X 15 ft. space or 10 x 20 ft. space (WE NO LONGER HAVE ANY AVAILBLE 10X10 SPACES)

Fees:  $150.00 for all four weekends. Price may vary on Vendor/Merchant needs. Please see application for details.

Payment:  A check or money order MUST be included for amount owed for all 4 weekends,  with the completed application. Applications after May 1st deadline but will charge a nominal $35 late fee. These prices are nonrefundable.

Forms of Acceptable Payment:  Certified check, business check or money order made payable to “Mid- Michigan Renaissance Festival”. Any check returned for insufficient funds will result in a $50.00 service charge to the writer of the check.

 Please contact us at for more information

Deadline:  Complete application postmarked before May 1, 2018 along with payment.

Please send completed application form, Signed Contract, Proof of Liability Insurance (or waiver), Photos of Booth Setup, Check or Money order and Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).  

Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival

C/O General Manager LeTysha Greene
Attn: Artisan/Merchant Application Committee

645 Desota Place

Pontiac, MI 48342