‚ÄčWhat is a The Enchanted Forest?
The Enchanted Forest is an interactive experience with shopping, food and stage shows. It is set in the woods with a cast who bring to life 1543 Germany and a plethora of German fairy tales.

What does my Admission cover? 

Admission includes entry into the event and assists us in paying for the Lane and Stage entertainment that we hire. Vendors and other activities may have additional costs.

Do you allow pets?

The Enchanted Forest is incredibly pet friendly, and pets are in for free to the event. Animal must be leashed at all times and up to date on all state required vaccinations.  

What is your Refund Policy?

We do not offer Refunds or Rain Checks; we will stay open rain or shine. we will close only in the event of a life-threatening weather emergency.

Do you have Automatic Teller Machines?

Unfortunately, no. We are a fairly organic event, and do not have on-site ATMs. However, the majority of our vendors accept all major credit cards and in our ticket booth we utilize Square to take credit and debit payments.

What are your rules on smoking?

We have a number of designated smoking areas within the festival event. Unfortunately, due to some carelessness as well as the health and well-being of others with medical conditions, we can not allow smoking throughout the lanes or within Vendor booths. Those violating this policy can be removed from the event.  This includes all pipes, cigars, and cigarettes.

Can I leave and come back in?

We do allow re-entry into the event for same day tickets. Your hand will be stamped for re-entry when you exit the event.

Military or Veteran Discounts?

We offer a discounted rate on a regular basis for all active duty and veterans. We also have one specific weekend where the entry fee is further reduced for firefighters, police officers, EMT's and other first responders. We invite these individuals into the event for a very discounted price on this special weekend. Please see our weekend events for details. We will ask for ID.

I have Children, is there anything there for them to do?

YES! We have a variety of children based shows, activities, games and events. Please see our Children's Knoll Page for details.

Do you have Jousting?

At this time, the Enchanted Forest doesn't have the space or budget to accommodate a Jousting event. As much as we want to and while it is the ultimate goal, it is not feasible for us at this time.

What types of food do you have and what does it cost?

We have different food vendors that come in to sell a variety of things from smoked meats and turkey legs to Polish sausage sandwiches. Please see individual vendors for prices.

Do I have to wear a costume to be allowed in?

Absolutely not. Those wearing Jeans and a t-shirt are very welcome. Shoes are required to be worn by everyone. If you do wear a costume you must be covered and it must be publicly appropriate. No t-shirts with offensive language.

Do you allow photographers and Film crews in?

Of course. We do not have any legal process or requirements for cameras entering the festival. We only ask as a courtesy you share with us the pictures. We do reserve the right to use those picture on our social media, with credit provided to the photographer. Those looking for exclusive rights to their work can obtain permission from the marketing team.

What is your policy on weapons?

All weapons will be inspected upon entry. Blades must be secured at the hilt with a zip tie. (Peace tied). All historic pistols must be inoperable and unloaded. No gun powder permitted on grounds.

Frequently asked Questions

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