Our Story

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The Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival has been in operation since 2008, and we have treasured ten years with our friends, families, vendors, entertainment, and Patrons. Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival was developed to provide a more flexible experience for merchants, staff, entertainers, playtrons and patrons, as well as provide a Family-Friendly event suitable and accessible for all ages and affordable to all budgets. Everyone deserves a family adventure, and running solely on volunteer staff has made that possible for us. Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival strives to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Vassar/Frankenmuth area was chosen for the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival because of it's prime location near Frankenmuth, the number one tourist spot in Michigan, and Birch Run, the location of a large outlet mall.  This ensures that traveling to the "Enchanted Forest" will provide many things to do and a long weekend can be easily created by attending.

Through our early years (2008-2010) we experienced great successes.  We have had our trouble with the October weather, including some snowy days in the forest, but we have also have had many blessings of warm October weather.  Attendance all three years was  great for a budding festival, and we have grown every year since then.  It is because of the support from local businesses, merchants, patrons, entertainers, and playtrons that this festival has been a great success.  A special thank you to our volunteers, who spend countless hours making this festival what it is.

In 2011, The Enchanted Forest Management took one more business gamble, and it paid off. The decision was made to move the festival to the warmer weather of June. The summer festival was a great success and made it possible to pay tribute to our American Soldiers and celebrate the 4th of July on the faire grounds. We still believe this was a great idea; the move to the summer months helps families to make us a feature of their summer vacation plans, with spaces to camp at area camp grounds and a variety of local Hotels available to choose from. There are several other festivals in the area, as well! Take in a bit of the historic past in the land of Van Kleve back in the Grainger woods. Put you requests in for your vacation so you too can enjoy the weekend in the woods!

In 2018, we celebrated ten wonderful years in the Enchanted Forest. It is hard for us to believe that our little festival has endured this long and has become a little treasure. The Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival is looking foreword to 2019 and all the new changes another year will bring.

Toni Knoll